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Why the temperature of the new T12 solder tip is jump?

Because the inside heating core of the new T12 solder tip  did not go through the high temperature, so the first time to use will be a bit of temperature, generally without special treatment, the normal use of 1-2 days after the basic will not bounce. Such as the need to immediately effective, the general proposal to adjust the temperature to 380 ℃ -400 ℃, side of the solder tip to the tip of tin, burning 5-10 minutes after the shutdown, until the solder tip of the cooling and then re-boot! ( if 1 times no effect, then can be repeated 2-3 times). T12 is pulsating temperature warming, even if the display temperature is flashing, the tip of the real temperature is completely stable.
     T12 jump temperature also are connected with the temperature control board of procedures, power of electrostatic and if it connect the ground.