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Iron head maintenance and proper use of methods

The use of lead-free solder to be faced with the welding temperature is too high, highly corrosive, easy oxidation characteristics of the iron head maintenance methods and methods of use has become very important, good and correct iron head maintenance and use of methods can To avoid the production of Weld, false welding, bridge welding and other issues, to extend the service life of the tip, reduce costs, but also to join.
First, the use of welding Taiwan before the preparatory work
You must first check whether the cleaning sponge wet with water, wet sponge first sponge has to pick up sponge water is not accurate. So that the iron head can get better cleaning and protection. If you use a dry cleaning sponge and a wet sponge, will make the tip damaged and lead to not easy on the tin.
Second, the protection of welding work
Clean the welding head with a cleaning sponge before welding impurities, so you can ensure that the quality of the welding spot welding is not prone to Weld, false welding, can slow the oxidation rate of the tip. So to ensure the tip of the good cleanliness is to extend the life of the tip.
Third, the welding work after the protection
The temperature of the soldering station is adjusted to 320 ° C first, and then a new layer of solder is added on the soldering tip to protect the soldering iron from the air so as to reduce the oxidation of the soldering iron in contact with the oxygen.
Fourth, when not using the soldering station protection
If you do not use the soldering station, you should turn off the power to the soldering station, to avoid the soldering iron head is in a high temperature for a long time, so that part of the flux on the soldering iron tip into oxide impurities, resulting in weakening the thermal conductivity of the soldering iron head. (For non-temperature-controlled and without automatic sleep function lead-free soldering station).