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How to maintain the tip?

Tip, iron Tsui, welding Tsui with a product that is soldering iron, welding Taiwan's ancillary products, the main material for copper are consumables. Iron core production process is electroplating, so the production of electric soldering iron, soldering station manufacturers do not produce their own iron tip (iron Tsui, Tsui Tsui), but to find a professional manufacturer of iron head manufacturing, and then paste their own brand. Iron head maintenance:
     1. Before welding work
     Must first clean the sponge wet, then squeeze excess water. This will enable the tip to get the best cleaning results. If you are using a non-wet cleaning sponge, you can damage the soldering tip and prevent it from sticking to the tin.
     2. When welding work
     The following sequence of soldering allows the soldering tip to be protected by solder and to reduce the rate of oxidation.
     After the welding work
     Set the temperature to about 250 ° C, then clean the tip and add a new layer of tin for protection. (If you use a non-temperature-controlled soldering iron, cut off the power first and let the temperature of the soldering iron slightly decrease.)