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Main material of the iron tip


  Iron Tip is mainly composed of five kinds of metal materials. They are copper, iron, nickel, chromium and tin.

  Copper - as a heat conductor, is the mainly composed of the iron tip. It is about 85% of the iron tip material is copper. The thermal conductivity of copper is good, it is conducive to rapid heating of the iron tip, the good iron tip is made of red copper. In order to reduce costs that some manufacturers use brass, but also reduce the thermal conductivity of the iron tip.

  Iron – resistant to corrosion, is the key factor affecting the life of the iron tip. Good iron tip plating crystal structure is thin and dense, the resistant to corrosion effect is good, this iron tip with long life, the effect of tin is good. The manufacturers who with bad technology of planting iron is according as the thickness of the iron planting layer to control the working life of the iron tip. It usually appears too thickness of iron planting layer to absorb tin, too thin to durable.

  Nickel – The useful Is rust protection of iron planting layer, and it is also convenient to chromium plating later.

  Chromium - non-stick tin, to prevent the tin run to the iron tip body. General the time of chromium plating is more than 5 minutes, the ordinary decorative chromium plating is about 1 minute.

  Tin - in the head of iron tip, it is the stick part of tin when to use.

  This is the composition of material of the iron tip, it is indispensable.