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Why T12 iron tip heating faster than 936 iron tip?

     1. Heating core resistance is smaller, larger power;
Resistor smaller, larger power, T12 resistance, about 8Ω, using 24V, it's 72W, even if it is 12V, it also can reach 18W. And then measure the domestic core of 936-A1322 , 15Ω, the same is 24V, only 38.4W, just half power of T12.
2. Small iron tip with light weight, fast heating,
Iron tip is small, I believe some customers are also curious then anatomy it, and found that inside the copper head is small, the thick is 5MM, long is 25MM, that different copper head is 2g-3g, you can see the common 936 in market, thick is 6.2MM , long is 40MM, about 10g, if power is 20W, then thick is 7.2MM, long is 50MM, about 13g, the other is heavier. Some customers may not understand why the heating faster than the size of the head, but we must remember that the same material the same experimental conditions. The time taken is different for a small weight with a small volume or for a large weight with larger volume to promote the same temperature, and the amount of absorbed heat is also different, is less than for larger stuff. Like using the same heat quickly, burning a glass of water and a bucket of water, it is certainly taken long time for a bucket of water.
3. Heating body and iron tip is integration, new connection structure and reduce the power loss, high efficiency, Heating body and the iron tip is integrated, reduce the power loss, high efficiency. 
4. Appearance and structure heat preservation is good
The heating core and the iron tip are tightly combined, and the thermal resistance is small, so when the same heating power is transmitted to the same capacity solder joint, the temperature difference between the iron tip and the heating core is small, or in the same temperature difference, it can pass larger thermal power to weld joints. And about 936, it's a bit similar the heating core of usual internal heat iron tip. The tip of the iron in the outside of heating core, the combination is not close enough, with some space in the middle, can’t ignore this little seam, the thermal resistance of the air is great, if the iron tip and high-capacity solder joint contacts, a larger thermal resistance ratio will inevitably lead to a large temperature difference between the heater core and the iron tip, the iron tip and the heater core have nearly hundreds degree of temperature difference, or that can be passed to the solder joints of the thermal power may be much less than the power of the heating core inside, and some of the heat is lost during the thermal conduction.