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How to properly handle the tip overheating

To prevent other components are scorched by iron tip, especially the power cord, if its insulation is burned by iron tip and do not pay attention to it will easily lead to safety accidents. Then you need to deal with overheating solution of iron tip:
1. Turn off the power for cooling.
2. Put into the heated iron tip to the metal stand which without to use for the moment, the use of heat transfer  and the role of large-scale cooling to the iron cooling. When using the soldering iron tip remove from the metal  stand, then the soldering iron tip without heat by metal stand, it can rise to the soldering temperature quickly.
3. In the power cord string of a group consisting of a diode 1N4007 and a switch composed of parallel circuit.  When the soldering iron tip is not used for a long time, the switch can be turned off, so that the soldering iron  tip can only get half-cycle power frequency supply and the temperature will not overheat. When the soldering iron tip is used, the switch is closed, so that the soldering iron tip can be normally powered and the temperature will  rise.
4. For the normal iron tip can be made a simple stand, the iron frame to install a micro switch, put a iron tip on the power string into a rectifier diode to reduce the temperature, pick up the full voltage heating, but also to prevent burning out the iron tip.
5. It's better for iron tip with normal cooling. The working life of iron tip will be shorted once force cooling water.
6. If iron tip with a long time power, there will be a phenomenon of high temperature and shorten the working life, and the iron tip is also easy to "burn dead" cause it's very hard to "absorb tin". Constant temperature soldering station energy consumption is relatively low, because if the temperature is good, it is not heating, with low energy consumption, that's means the same welding effect, welding station need less power. Soldering station can be selected thermostat, then the overheating of iron tip will be solved.